Our Process

Our selection process is more thorough than a normal search.  We utilize proprietary screening methods that include additional screening criteria that enhance the rigor of the selection process.  These additional techniques increase the probability of success in every search we conduct.  Whether analyzing the organization’s needs and the context for the position before we start a search, to additional vetting processes to ensure that you do not hire a person with an unflattering history, and multiple screening methods during the selection process, we treat every search as if it were the most important hire ever for your organization.  Simply because we know that to the people within your organization, it is.  We know that every hire is a million dollar decision that will effect coworkers and subordinates for years to come.    

Position & Organizational Analysis

Defining how this position fits within the context of the organization is a critical first step in the search process.  We assist you in conducting an organizational analysis to determine how this position meets the needs and goals of your institution, who the new incumbent will work with, and what are the challenges and opportunties the organization is facing at this time.  Then we identify and clarify the key performance variables for the position and build a search based upon these factors.

  • We consult with all stakeholders to glean their input about the requirements for the position.
  • We complete a labor market analysis to ensure the relative availability of talent in the marketplace.
  • We thoroughly assess the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for the ideal candidate
  • We determine the optimal personality fit for your organizational culture.

Search Committee Orientation

A search is only as successful as the cohesion of its search committee. We believe that this is a valuable – often overlooked – next step that will facilitate a robust search process.

  • We advise you in ensuring that the search committee has a balanced perspective including hierarchical levels, gender / racial equity, technical expertise and objectivity.
  • We assist you in training your committee, establishing a committee schedule, identifying specific tasks and managing expectations at the outset of the search.

Candidate Selection

Using our vast network of higher education contacts, we cast a wide net to search for potential candidates.

  • Targeted Recruiting:  We look for active and passive candidates.  We do not simply advertise and leave who applies to chance.  We find candidates who are exact matches to your selection critieria
  • We vet the pool of qualified and interested individuals by establishing that skills and career motivations are a solid match with the search committee’s stated organizational goals.
  • We build an authentic, mutually respectful relationship with each candidate, ensuring that we are trusted advisors throughout the process.
  • We develop a short list of semi-finalist candidates to be presented to the search committee for evaluation.

On-Campus Interviews

This stage of the process is the most critical to ensuring that both candidates and committee members are optimally positioned to make the best decision. We assist the committee to design a structured interview process including:

  • preparing itinerary for candidate’s on-campus visit
  • highlighting the institution’s value proposition to candidates
  • crafting a slate of job-related behavioral and situational interviewing questions
  • preparing an interview rating sheet
  • assigning a meaningful Work Sample that showcases candidate competencies
  • ensuring candidate meets with all relevant stakeholders

Final Selection and Hire

Once a finalist candidate is selected, we help to ensure that the committee secures its candidate of choice.

  • We conduct thorough reference checks with candidate stakeholders
  • We conduct an exhaustive background check to uncover any potentially damaging or embarassing facts
  • We overcome any candidate hesitations by addressing relevant concerns with search committee
  • We extend the final offer and act as a negotiating intermediary with the appointing authority
  • We assist the committee with on-boarding process including candidate relocation needs, campus orientation, and managing expectations during the first year.
  • We can also coach the new executive through their first year, providing one-on-one support to ensure their success