Targeted Recruiting

The best candidates are not looking for a job at this moment. We help you find three great professionals who are an exact match with your culture, values, and way of doing business. Then we prescreen and prequalify them for you.

Research Recruiting

We spend hours and hours conducting an exhaustive recruitment process to find the very best possibile candidates for your vacancy.  We use traditional and non-traditional sources and techniques to cultivate a rich pool of diverse candidates.  We do not simply advertise and hope for the best, we go to where the best candidates are and then call their attention to your organization and vacancy.

  • Profile: What are the qualifications, experiences, characteristics, personality, and background should the ideal candidate possess?  We help you identify and document the profile of the ideal candidate.
  • Research: We determine where ideal candidates can be found.
  • Recruit: We go out and find such unique professionals one-by-one.  It is our job to find a needle in a haystack.
  • Persuade: We present your organization and sell exceptional candidates on your vacancy.  Once they have expressed interest in your organization, we then ensure that they have what it takes to succeed in your organization.
  • Pre-Qualify: Before we present the candidate to you, we vet them ensuring that their reference and background check are exemplary.
  • Presentation:  Then we present to you a slate of 3 or more finalist that you can select from our consider in your hiring process.

We do not use databases of past candidates to populate your search.  We cultivate a unique pool of diverse candidates for each search we conduct.  No two positions are alike, and no two candidates are alike.  We help you define your position with the utmost clarity, and then find a candidate that is a perfect match with your position and your organization.