Candidate Vetting

Prior to reference & background checks, all of your information about the candidate comes from the candidate. We not only verify the facts, we uncover additional facts. We give you a complete picture of each candidate.

Hiring a professional is a multimillion dollar decision that will affect your organization for years.  We protect your investment of time, effort and resources.  More than just hearsay, we verify and cross reference all of our data to ensure it is accurate.

 References * Public Records  * Criminal and Background Checks


Every professional with any work history can provide you a list of their best friends, best clients, confidants, and fan club.  We go beyond the reference list, expand the reference list, ask key questions and verify the information that we are given.   Our process includes:

  • Expanded Reference List
  • Tailored Questions
  • Fact Verification
  • Cross Referencing

Public Records Search*

    We thoroughly investigate the candidates background to find information that can be accessed if one knows where and how to look for it.  Depending upon the needs of your search, we do not leave any stone unturned to adequately vet the background of your potential hires.  Our public records searches can include the following:

  • Publications
  • Property Records
  • Court Records
  • Financial Interest
  • Internet & Social Networking Sites
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Legal Issues
  • Military Records
  • and a dozen more sources

Criminal & Background Check

     No vetting process is complete without standard criminal, social security, motor vehicle, sexual offender, Degree verification, licensure, and related checks into a person’s background.

*Subject to applicable state laws.