Strategic Hiring Consultation

You have a great hiring process, you hire the best qualified candidate–but are you hiring the right candidate? What should he or she know, feel, think, and do to be successful at your institution? We help you define these key characteristics!
Hiring talent is only part of the equation, you must build a department, function, or institution by having a talent management strategy.  You must bring together the right mix of professionals, an effective team that works well together.  We are experienced partners in this effort. 

Here are some of the key questions we will pose to you to uncover the magical criteria that will help to build a better organization:

  • Who are your organization’s heroes, stars, and archetypes?
  • Who are your best performing faculty and staff?
  • Where did your best performers come from?
  • What are the common characteristics of your star performers?
  • What are the values that your organization holds above all else?
  • In addition to an appropriate degree and experience, what are the other factors that make a candidate attractive to your institution?
  • Can you describe your organization’s culture in 25 words or less?
  • and dozens more poignant questions

We conduct extensive research to understand your organization.  We review your policies, procedures, history, promotional material, website, and vital documents to discover the true character of the institution.  We then document these findings and validate this information with key stakeholders.  This information is then used as a foundation to describe the type professionals that would be successful in your organization.

Focus on the Future

 Once we have determined the unique characteristics of current employees, we help you determine the future needs of your position, department, and institution.  The professionals you hire today will serve in the future.  We acknowledge the past and prepare you to select for the future.

Overarching Profile

Having common characteristics, such as a service learning disposition, a research competency, or a innovative orientation, can help to transform an organization when these characteristics are found in all new hires.  The critical mass of key capabilities creates organizational competencies that support and advance your mission and goals.  You spend a lot of time and effort thinking about the student class of 2015, isn’t it time that you start thinking about the faculty class of 2011 that will teach these students or the administrators that will lead the organization in 2015?


Great teams and great organizations are not built or created by happenstance.  They are built deliberately by identifying and recruiting key individuals.  We help you take a strategic approach to recruitment and selection.