Employment Branding

Not getting enough attention from top talent or diverse candidates?  We assist you in building a national employment ‘brand’ that attracts candidates to your institution before you every advertise or recruit for a position. 

Instead of an image makeover, we help accentuate the inherent positives about your institution.  We leverage your best attributes, help you tell your story and provide you with the right venues to attract and retain key talent.

Defining Characteristics

Why should I work for your organization?  What are your institutions defining characteristics?  We help you clarify your employee value proposition.  We define those key characteristics that make working at your particular organization attractive.  Then we use these factors to leverage your organization’s inherent advantages when recruiting future employees.

Telling Your Story

We then help you prepare a plan of action to galvanize your recruiting base to assist in creating a buzz around why you are one of the best places to work.  We show you how to engage faculty, staff, students, alumni, media, governments, and other organizations to help tell your story to future employees.  We also use our partner advertising agency to create a new and improve images to promote your organization.

Publicity and Media Campaign

We guide you through the process of establishing a presence in the media that causes passive candidates to seek out your institution as a potential place to work.  Most of the techniques we use come at no cost to your organization.

It is too late to start an image campaign when you have a vacancy.  Candidates will decide in an instant whether to apply for an opening at your institution.  We help to ensure that they will make the right choice.