Executive Search Consulting

Selecting a qualified candidate is easy.  Selecting the best qualified candidate does not require any special expertise.  However, if you are interested in hiring for retention, diversity and fit, we can help.  Hire competitive candidates who believe in your mission and will live it every day.  Hire a candidate that “fits” with your culture, value system, and your way of doing business. Hamilton Pierce can assist you with hiring the very best candidate, but most importantly the best fit.

If we assist you with selecting a candidate that departs your organization within one year of the search, we will repeat the search on your behalf free of charge.  It is that simple. Hamilton Pierce is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. All of our services are 100%, absolutely risk free.


One of the reasons why we are so confident that you will like our process and the outcome is that we do not start the process assuming that we know all of the answers.  We will bring our experience and expertise to bear, but more importantly, we will listen to you and ensure we understand the uniqueness of your organization.  Then we will design a search process specifically that meets your needs.  Once we agree upon the elements of the process, we will work our joint plan, partner with you at each step, and keep you informed as we go forward.  The results will create a win-win-win scenario between you, the candidate, and Hamilton Pierce.  


Advertising, reviewing resumes or CV’s, and conducting good interviews are necessary, but not sufficient for a rigorous search.  We use more screening methods and better screening methods to ensure that we know more about your institution, more about the position, more about the candidate, and we fully evaluate the match, and the potential for future success.  We do not leave anything for chance or any stone unturned.  We use a better process and proprietary approach to executive recruitment and selection.  Give us a call and ask us how.   

Cost Effectiveness

Our process is more thorough and rigorous than many other firms because we do not leave anything for chance.  However, we are able to provide a superior process at a more effective rate due to our unique business model.  We retain a cadre of seasoned search professionals under the supervision of a team of accomplished search professionals and a network of specialty partner firms who provide key services in support of our searches on an as needed basis.  We pass the savings on to you.  Low overhead, no mark-up, no fancy advertising, simply solid professional services provided the old fashion way.  One client at a time, word of mouth advertising, and guaranteed results.  

If you speak with us and compare us with our competitors, we are confident that you will find a refreshing difference and will agree that Hamilton Pierce is a better partner to assist you in selecting faculty and administrators for your institution.