Search Committee Training

We offer training for your faculty, staff, and administrators on how to conduct a professional search.  We can provide online resources, webinars, or on-campus training.

What is the cost of a bad hire or a failed search? Avoid common pitfalls by providing faculty, staff, and administrators with custom designed workshops that will help improve how your college or university identifies and selects candidates for employment. Since there are tremendous amounts of time, effort, and resources expended in search committees, it is wise to engage in the process in an efficient and effective manner that meets the organization’s operational and strategic objectives.


There is an art and a science to the search committee process. The science involves doing the right things—using state-of-the art tools, methods, and techniques. The art of selection is about hiring the right person – qualified candidates who live and breathe your organizational mission, vision, and values. Our workshops are designed to train, equip, support, and empower committees to make better decisions in their efforts to recruit and select from a pool of well qualified and diverse applicants. Participants are given dozens of sample tools, forms, checklists, and templates along with expert advice on recruitment, diversity, fit, and retention.


In addition to the content outlined below, our workshops can cover any of the following topics:

  • Developing an Institutional Recruitment Strategy
  • Selecting for Retention, Diversity, and Fit
  • HR’s Role in the Search Committee Process
  • Sourcing Top Talent: Finding the Best and Brightest
  • Using Alternative Search Committee Models
  • Aligning Your Employment Policies And Practices with Academic Objectives
  • Additional Training Options: Webinars, Podcasts, CD-ROMs, Online Training Resources, etc.

Workshop participants receive a complimentary subscription to the online resource library.

Training can be tailored to the appropriate audience and highlight the differences between faculty searches and administrative or executive searches. Each workshop is designed specifically to incorporate the unique aspects of each institution’s culture, policies, and employment practices and the content is approved in advance by the institution’s representative.


The Better Search Committees seminar is based upon an award-winning publication and provides dozens of valuable tips and techniques for improving your campus search process.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Form, charge, serve on, and chair a committee
  • Recruit a talent-rich pool of applicants
  • Attract diverse applicants
  • Screen written materials (CV’s and Résumés)
  • Interview effectively
  • Conduct reference and background checks
  • Avoid common legal pitfalls

The on-site seminar presents a step-by-step guide to the hiring process and laying the groundwork for a successful search. You will receive a tool kit full of support materials that will help ensure the success of your search, such as checklists, templates, sample forms, and sample questions. You will learn advanced and state-of-the art screening techniques. Also, learn ‘best practices’ models for conducting searches that streamline the process without sacrificing quality.

Additional Topics To Be Discussed

  • Writing effective ads
  • Electronic recruiting strategies
  • Writing better interview questions
  • Advanced screening techniques
  • Conducting telephone interviews
  • Using multiple selection methods
  • Screening committees vs. search committees
  • Faculty searches
  • Handling internal candidates