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We have hundreds of resources–website, books, training, videos, samples, templates, etc.–that can be accessed to support your internal search processes.

Access these tremendous resources from our partner firm,

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And much, more more… is a website dedicated to improving the search committee process in colleges and universities around the world.  It was designed to be the definitive resource for supporting the search committee process by bringing together everything you will ever need to manage a professional search.

Save time, save money, and avoid the possibility of a failed search or bad hire by using this state-of-the-art website to assist you in hiring the best qualified and most diverse faculty and staff who fit the culture of your institution.  This site was designed to for the following people:

  • · Faculty and Staff who serve on committees
  • · Senior Leaders who charge and appoint committees
  • · Search Committee Chairs
  • · Hiring Managers
  • · HR professionals
  • · EEO/Affirmative Action/Diversity Professionals
  • · Members of Governing Boards who select presidents
  • · Administrative staff who support search committees
  • · Those new to higher education

 The site provides all of the resources necessary to manage a better search.