We are a full service executive recruiting and consulting firm.  We are one of the few firms that can assist you with all of the following:

  • Executive Search: We are a full service executive recruiting service.  Our primary service is assisting you and your search committee with finding and hiring exceptional leaders and key faculty members.
  • Internal Search Support: Do you need assistance with an planned or ongoing internal search?  We can assist you with advice, consultation, finding candidates, cultivating diverse applicants, designing the search properly, reference checking, or any number of ways.  Just ask, we will support you the way you need support.
  • Targeted Recruiting: We search and  find three to five exceptionally qualified, diverse, and passionate candidates who believe in your mission.  We pre-screen them, persuade them to enter your search, and then present them to you for your consideration.
  • Candidate Vetting: References, Background Check, Publication Review, Public Records Search, Psychometric testing, we uncover all of the facts and opinions about your potential hires, before you make an offer.
  • Strategic Hiring Consultation: Hiring talent is only part of the equation, you must build a department, function, or institution by having a talent management strategy.  You must bring together the right mix of professionals, an effective team that works well together.  We are experienced partners in this effort.
  • Employment Branding: Not getting enough attention from top talent or diverse candidates?  We assist you in building a national employment ‘brand’ that attracts candidates to your institution before you every advertise or recruit for a position.
  • Diversity Hiring Strategies: Hiring a multi-talented and diverse faculty and staff will not happen by accident.  We help you integrate diversity recruiting and retention efforts into your employment process.  Successful diversity efforts are not in addition to the process, they are a part of your process.
  • Search Committee Training: We offer training for your faculty, staff, and administrators on how to conduct a professional search.  We can provide online resources, webinars, or on-campus training.
  • Executive Coaching: Lance Armstrong, Phil Mickelson, and Roger Federer are the best at what they do.  However, they have coaches.  We support your leaders during their first year of service.
  • Search Committee Library: We have hundreds of resources–website, books, training, videos, samples, templates, etc.–that can be accessed to support your internal search processes.
  • A La Carte Services: We supplement your internal capabilities with our expertise on an as needed basis.

We tailor our services to your needs.  If you need a partner to assist you and your search committee with the entire search and selection process, we will be your partner from conceptualizing the position to assisting the final choice with their relocation.  We can also coach your new hire for the first several months of their tenure.  Cannot afford to hire external consultants for every search, we can provide an array of resources and services to meet your search needs and budget.  Contact us at anytime for a consultation or suggestions.