Diversity Recruitment Strategies

Looks can be deceiving.  We assist you in finding the right talent that live and breathe your culture, values, and mission, regardless of what they look like on the outside.  One of our specialties is hiring for retention, diversity, and fit.  We use targeted recruitment strategies to find the right candidates for your specific institution.  Our a la carte menu of diversity support strategies and techniques include the following:

  • Climate Assessment and Readiness: How welcoming is your campus?  How supportive is your selection process?  What support services do you provide?
  • Diversity recruitment sources: We exposure you to dozens of non-traditional recruitment sources.  Tap into our network.
  • Diverse Media:  We have access to over 300 diverse media sources.
  • Selection Considerations:  How do you build a search and screening process that is fair to all candidates without hidden agenda, bias, or unintentional pitfalls?
  • Build a Safe Haven: How do you ensure that your new hire welcomed and settled into your community well?  We assist you in building a low cost/no cost support system that ensures retention.

It is an especially challenging effort to find the right people in any economy.  But the organizations that prepare properly and put their best foot forward in the recruitment and selection process have a greater chance of attracting and retaining great candidates.  Expand your recruitment pool, attract the right kinds of candidates before you begin a search, and develop a hiring process that supports your strategic goals of having a diverse faculty and staff.