Internal Search Support

Do you need assistance with an planned or ongoing internal search?  We can assist you with advice, consultation, finding candidates, cultivating diverse applicants, designing the search properly, reference checking, or any number of ways.  Just ask, we will support you the way you need support. puzzle pieces solution magnifying glass iStock_000008552301XSmall

Internal Search Support

 Preparatory Activities, as needed

  • Provide comprehensive search support consultation, telephonically
  • Search success analysis (evaluate the current status of the search and make recommended changes, alterations, or improvements)
  • Assist with the design/redesign of a rigorous and fair search process from beginning to the end
  • Validate or update the organizational analysis and position analysis statements, as needed
  • Help define the ideal candidate in terms of all the important intangibles–competencies, disposition, style, personality, career goals, etc.
  • Devise a recruitment strategy designed to yield ideal candidates
  • Make liaison with the search committee on an ongoing basis

Candidate Research & Outreach

Using our vast network of higher education contacts, we were able to cast a wide net to search for active and passive potential candidates, including:

  • Conduct targeted recruitment through deep research and personal outreach
  • Generation of recruitment letters and solicitations from our database of nearly 750,000 higher education professionals.
  • Canvass social medial for high-profile candidates
  • Outreach to our network of minority recruitment sources
  • Conduct a media campaign including advertising in traditional, non-traditional, and diversity media
  • Promote the vacancy to our proprietary list of listserves, associations, and affinity groups

Candidate Cultivation

We encourage applications and highlight the institution’s value proposition to potential candidates:

  • Seek nominations and referrals from our personal and professional networks of industry officials and thought leaders
  • Receive applicant materials
  • Communicate with potential candidates
  • Build an authentic, mutually respectful relationship with each candidate, ensuring that we are trusted advisors throughout the process.
  • Highlight and promote the advantages of the position and institution
  • Overcome candidate hesitations by addressing relevant concerns

Candidate Screening and Evaluation

  • Screen the pool of qualified and interested individuals by establishing that skills and career motivations are a solid match with the search committee’s stated organizational goals.
  • Assist search committee with creating a screening protocol
  • We screen, evaluate & recommend candidates against agreed-upon standards
  • Conduct a preliminary vetting of candidates using spot checking credentials, experience, and reference validation
  • Develop a short list of semi-finalist candidates that was presented to the search committee for evaluation

Interview Support

  • Developing and executing telephone and video screening protocols
  • Preparing itinerary for candidate’s on-campus visit
  • Designing a structured interview process
  • Crafting a slate of job-related behavioral and situational interviewing questions
  • Preparing an interview rating sheet
  • Assigning a meaningful Work Sample that showcases candidate competencies

 Candidate Vetting

  • Conducted thorough reference checks with candidate stakeholders
  • Conducted an exhaustive criminal and professional background check
  • Verify credentials, licenses, and academic honors
  • Conduct public records search and news clippings review of candidates to uncover any potentially damaging or embarrassing facts

Negotiation Support

  • Extending the final offer and act as a negotiating intermediary with the appointing authority

Coaching Support

  • Assisted the committee with on-boarding process including candidate relocation needs, campus orientation, and managing expectations during the first year.
  • Executive coaching for the new executive through their first year, providing one-on-one support to ensure their success (this service incurs additional fees)

Additional Services, per client request*