$$ Million Dollar Decision $$

What is the cost of a bad hire?  How about $3 million dollars?  The cost to recruit, select, train, support, equip, and compensate a key position over the span of a career is millions of dollars.  So, hiring an excellent candidate is not good enough.  You must hire a GREAT candidate.  Bridging the difference between good and great is where Hamilton Pierce excels.

Here are some of the typical costs associated with a search:

Direct Costs

Advertising, travel, meals, printing, relocation, background checks, testing fees, job posting fees, etc.

Indirect Costs

Search committee time and effort, HR staff time, lost productivity, training, furniture, space and equipment, recruitment incentives, referral fees, legal costs, etc.

Intangible Costs

Morale, emotional toll, reputation, impact on students, etc.

These costs are in addition to the salary, benefits, perks, and support of the professional over their tenure with your organization.  Making a bad decision can set your organization back for years to come.  It is imperative that you search and select a candidate with medical precision.  Anything less than an ideal candidate is unacceptable.  Our deliberate, thorough, and rigorous process acknowledges your tremendous expense of time, effort,  and money, and gives you a return on your investment that will yield untold positive outcomes for your college, university, or organization.